SC Johnson Kaleidoscope Education Series – ONLINE!

Since 1979, SC Johnson has brought the Kaleidoscope Education Series (KES) to the Golden Rondelle Theater located at our global headquarters and hometown of Racine, Wisconsin. These series offer a variety of STEM programs designed to support school curricula for students in southeast Wisconsin.

The Paper Airplane Guy

World record holder John Collins – better known as ‘The Paper Airplane Guy’ – uses paper airplanes to demonstrate aerodynamic principals in this science program for the whole family. Watch as paper airplanes glide by gently, streak swiftly, circle, loop, flap their wings, tumble, flip over and fly back upside down and more. The concepts behind the fun are explained using the vocabulary of science without the overwhelming equations of fluid dynamics.

See vocabulary and ‘how to’ information here!


Paper Airplane Dynamics - Lesson 1


Paper Airplane Dynamics - Lesson 2

Magic… Or Science!

The audience will be shown a series of demonstrations by Chicago magician Scott Green and asked to determine: was it a magic trick or was it science? Scott will then explain the principles behind what you saw, including Newton’s laws of motion, centripetal force, polymer chains, air pressure and more, with special emphasis on the scientific method. Your whole family will be completely tuned in to this program (geared to elementary school age children). 

Magic... Or Science!

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