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Fragrance Ingredients

Fragrance ingredients we use, do not use or limit the use of.
SC Johnson’s Fragrance Palette
Our fragrance ingredients are first selected from those that meet the industry-recognized International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards.  Additionally, we have set a stricter internal standard that requires additional analysis before allowing a fragrance in our products.  This includes further evaluation of an ingredient on human health and environmental impacts beyond those used by IFRA.  
We list all fragrance chemicals down to .01% of the total product formula. Occasionally, the amount of fragrance in a product is so small that even disclosing 99.99% of the product formula doesn’t meet our standard for providing enough information. We list the top 10 fragrance ingredients in these cases, provided that at least 20 ingredients are present.
Fragrances that are not used

The fragrances on this ingredient list include those that do not meet our internal standards or are not used in our fragrances.  We update this list regularly.

Want to learn even more about our fragrances?
Visit our Fragrance FAQs.

More to know

SC Johnson is a member of the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM)

The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) has the most comprehensive database worldwide of safety evaluations for fragrance materials. It’s an industry organization, and it uses an independent expert panel. Industry safety standards are maintained by IFRA, using data from RIFM.

We require our fragrance suppliers to abide by IFRA's Code of Practice and its standards.

This code considers numerous factors, including chemical composition, variety of use, the volume of use, usage concentration and more. The IFRA standards currently restrict the use of more than 170 substances due to their chemical profile.