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Our Purpose

For more than 130 years, SC Johnson has been guided by the same goal as families everywhere: We want to make the world a better place for the next generation. It’s the foundation of our purpose – A Family Company at Work for a Better World. A world that is sustainable, transparent, healthy and with more opportunity for all. 
Fisk Johnson on plastic covered beach

A More Sustainable World

To protect our planet for generations to come, we prioritize sustainability in our products and manufacturing processes, and support collaborative partnerships to reduce plastic waste. Learn more

A Healthier World

We are committed to bringing our science and innovation expertise to partnerships that address pressing public health challenges for families and communities around the world. Learn more

A More Transparent World

To help families make product choices, we’re working to define and lead product transparency and ethical marketing. We raise the bar to help people find and understand the ingredients in our products. Learn more
working mother and daughter on their way home

A World with More Opportunity

We inspire to have a significant impact on the basic building blocks, such as education and opportunity, that creates an environment where people, families and communities can thrive and achieve. Learn more

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