Protecting & Preserving the Environment

Our Mission

Over the past X years, we have invested in ending deforestation across our supply chain. We have developed an integrated approach, combining …. In 2019, X% of our raw materials, including soy, pulp and paper, and palm oil, were verified deforestation-free.

Stories & News

SC Johnson Promotes Ways to Stop Deforestation

Forest Conservation: SC Johnson Continues Efforts to Stop Deforestation

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Environmental protection is prioritized in all aspects of our business and we’re always looking at ways to protect the Earth’s critical resources for generations to come.
Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson

A Legacy of Environmental Protection

In the 1990s, SC Johnson led the protection of two reserves in Brazil's Caatinga ecoregion.
SC Johnson buys more than 90% of our natural raw materials from sustainably managed forests.
SC Johnson, working with Conservation International, has conserved more than 100,000 acres of tropical forests.

Stronger Together

When it comes to supporting sustainability and protecting the planet, no one organization can do it alone. At SC Johnson, we’re proud to have partnered with Conservation International for more than 15 years to help safeguard forests and preserve natural resources.

Conservation International

In just the last few years, in our partnership with Conservation International, we’ve completed the largest-ever acre-for-acre match program to conserve the Amazon rainforest. The funds from the campaign will be used to protect tropical forests and replant approximately 3 million trees in the Amazon region.