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An immersive experience on the ocean plastic crisis

The Blue Paradox

Imagine walking beneath the ocean’s surface and being able to see firsthand all of the beauty, wildlife and wonder that our planet’s waters offer.

Now imagine that view being disrupted by large quantities of plastic waste.

As a company at work for a more sustainable and waste-free world, we teamed up with our longtime partner Conservation International to present The Blue Paradox, an educational, immersive experience designed to demonstrate the scale of the ocean plastic crisis.

The experience includes 360-degree digital projections that invite the public to walk beneath the ocean’s surface and explore the impact plastic waste has on our planet’s most valuable natural resource. The goal is to highlight how businesses, governments and individuals can work together to create a more sustainable world.

Blue Paradox Event Image 1
Blue Paradox Event Image 2
Blue Paradox Event Image 3
Blue Paradox Event Image 1
Over 14 million tons of plastic is dumped into the oceans each year
Blue Paradox Event Image 2
That’s 888 lbs of plastic every second
Blue Paradox Event Image 3
The weight of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is 87,000 tons, the equivalent of 500 jumbo jets

Event Information

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Event Information

Explore the Blue Paradox: the dual nature of plastic use that brings progress and convenience while posing a severe threat to our oceans and planet. Preview the experience here or download the full media kit to learn more.

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Experience the Blue Paradox firsthand at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Get your tickets today.

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‘The Blue Paradox’ aims to get people better informed on the value of ocean ecosystems, the harm plastics do to those ecosystems and what we can do to make a difference., London

Our Partners

The Blue Paradox is presented by SC Johnson in partnership with Conservation International and The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago.

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Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

MSI is a top science museum inspiring creativity and learning through interactive experiences. They offer groundbreaking exhibits, educational programs and rely on donor support. Visit for more information.

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Conservation International

Conservation International protects nature for humanity's benefit through science, policy, and fieldwork. With offices in 30 countries, they partner globally to ensure the well-being of people and biodiversity.

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