Virtual Tours of SC Johnson’s Global Headquarters

SC Johnson headquarters designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Located in Racine, Wisconsin, SC Johnson has the only remaining Frank Lloyd Wright-designed corporate headquarters that’s still in use. Follow the videos below for an exclusive, in-depth look at our inspired architecture, and to learn what makes us a family company.

SC Johnson Administration Building

In 1936, third-generation SC Johnson leader H.F. Johnson, Jr. sought out the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Even though ground had been broken for a new administrative office, H.F. wanted to explore a more modern approach. And he wanted it enough to scrap the old plans and take a risk on the innovative Wright. 

The Administration Building, which opened in 1939, is celebrated as one of the top 25 buildings of the 20th century. We like to think it reflects the innovation, boldness and adventure that are still the spirit of SC Johnson today.

Wright’s focus was not just the structure itself. He planned more than 40 different pieces of furniture for the Administration Building. Each was created to reflect aspects of the building's unique design and to help get work done – for example, rolling file carts that could be moved easily around the Great Workroom. Open “bird cage” circular elevators run from the basement to the Penthouse level, giving a panoramic view of the building.

The SC Johnson Research Tower

The SC Johnson Research Tower, which opened in 1950, is one of the tallest structures ever built on the cantilever principle. The inspiration for its form came from third-generation company leader H.F. Johnson, Jr., who had previously hired Frank Lloyd Wright to design the company’s renowned Administration Building. Contemplating how to make the new research facility unique, H.F. suggested Wright consider “going up in the air.”

What Wright did with that suggestion turned out to be remarkable. 

SC Johnson’s Award-Winning Fortaleza Hall 

Since 1939, SC Johnson's corporate architecture has become a must-see for people who appreciate great design. Among the wonders on our campus, the most recent addition is our award-winning Fortaleza Hall, a loving tribute to two pioneering company leaders: H.F. Johnson, Jr. and Sam Johnson. As our Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson explained at its opening, “This building is intended to inspire us, to be a special place to remind us of our sense of adventure. It is a symbol of our unique history of innovation, creativity and progressive attitude.”
Opened in 2010, Fortaleza Hall also reflects our commitment to sustainability — both in our buildings and in the many household products that we make. Fortaleza Hall is a celebration of the life-changing 1935 journey to Brazil by H.F. Johnson, Jr., third-generation company leader. Sam Johnson, his son, retraced that adventure six decades later, discovering powerful insights along the way about the power of family.
World-renowned architect Norman Foster designed the structure as a tribute to the journeys and the men who led them, and as a contemporary partner to the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings on our campus. It incorporates glass and light, rounded shapes and edges, interplay between interior and exterior, soaring stone columns and innovative design.