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Promoting Fair Treatment & Opportunity

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We’ve long been known for having zero tolerance for racism, discrimination, human trafficking or child labor in our operations or our supply chain. We celebrate inclusion and the positive impact of diversity for our company and society.


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Providing minorities and women greater access to education and STEM leaning

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At Work for a Better World

As a family company at work for a better world, actions and commitments of five generations of leaders have been grounded in fairness and opportunity parity.

Samuel supported the Piney Woods School in Braxton, Mississippi, in the early 1900s, opening up educational access to African American children. His support for scholarships helped to lift up a generation of Piney Woods students, several of whom went on to become educators at the school.

Did you know?

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50% of the SC Johnson Board of Directors is representative of women or minorities. As a private, family company, SC Johnson isn’t required to have a Board of Directors guiding its operations. However, we do it because we value the counsel, experience and diverse insights they bring to our company.
For more than five decades, SC Johnson has been a supporter of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) through funding of scholarships to minority group members.
In 1991, a Minority Supplier Program was instituted as a community service program, which continues today as our Supplier Diversity Program.

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