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SC Johnson launched ingredient disclosure website in 2009
Ingredients we use, do not use or limit the use of.
What’s in

We use the following ingredients because they have passed our thorough Greenlist™ four-step screening process - and we feel they make our products great. Curious about a specific ingredient and why we might use it? Check out

What’s out
We stay updated on industry information, government regulations, the latest scientific studies and consumer concerns about chemicals – and maintain a list of ingredients we don’t use or use only in very small amounts because they don’t meet our standards. It currently includes over 200 unique raw materials in roughly 90 material categories. We review this list regularly to ensure it captures any new science or changes in government policies or regulations.
When an ingredient is flagged, we explore alternatives if they are available.  Sometimes an alternative option may not deliver the same performance, does not meet the needs of the product manufacturing process or may be cost restrictive.  In these cases, we may allow the ingredient to be included at restricted levels. In addition, we continue to keep our eye on alternatives as new ingredients often become available in the market.