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Speeding Access to Protection

At SC Johnson, we are going above and beyond to implement solutions to get interventions to the people who need them most.

On April 3, 2023, SC Johnson  announced our plans to invest over 10 million USD in our Nairobi, Kenya manufacturing facility to produce low-cost spatial repellents for public health channels.

We are building this new, local capacity independent and ahead of a possible World Health Organization recommendation on spatial repellents, because we believe strongly in their effectiveness of our interventions and our vision of a world free from mosquito-borne disease.

Establishing production in Kenya allows us to leverage our competencies in manufacturing and global supply chain management. Producing spatial repellents here will mean 150 new jobs for local residents— many of whom have experienced malaria firsthand.

With this work, we are proud and excited to build a supply chain focused on getting protective tools to more families and, in the process, provide a boost to local economies as well.