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Bringing the Ocean to the Classroom

Ocean Academy is bringing a focus on ocean plastic to 50,000 U.K. students. We're sharing content to help.

In 2022, SC Johnson launched a new partnership with U.K. charity Ocean Generation, an authority on tackling ocean plastic pollution, to bring the ocean and its importance to classrooms across the United Kingdom. 

The partnership represents the next step SC Johnson is taking to drive education on the ocean plastic crisis, following The Blue Paradox, an immersive experience hosted on the topic in London last year in partnership with Conservation International.

Content from The Blue Paradox exhibition will be incorporated into Ocean Generation’s Ocean Academy program, an open-source digital learning hub with a toolkit of educational materials for teachers and parents.

Increasing Understanding to Inspire Action
The Ocean Academy program is a complete curriculum with accredited lesson plans for use online and in the classroom. Its content includes:

  • An introduction to the ocean as a single interconnected water source supporting all life on the planet. 
  •  The multifaceted role of the ocean, including highlighting its role in the oxygen we breathe, controlling our climate, and regulating carbon levels.
  • Our impact on the ocean, the challenges it faces and how we can make informed decisions to protect it better.
  • The future of the ocean and inspiring young people to champion change, both at home and at school.

Engaging with Children and Communities
Ocean Generation will facilitate direct education through interactive presentations in schools across the U.K. Engaging with children, teachers and the wider community to inspire interest and action, the program will reach more than 50,000 pupils in the U.K., including engaging 15,000 students through in-person lessons.

“With less than 10% of plastic produced being recycled globally, there is a clear need for greater levels of education on the action we need to take to reduce the impact plastic pollution has on the environment,” said Alan VanderMolen, Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, SC Johnson. “Education is vital in creating the behavior change needed to achieve our vision for a waste-free world, and we are proud to partner with Ocean Generation in support of Ocean Academy to build this awareness and engagement in classrooms.”