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Encouraging Dialogue for Collective Action

Progress on plastic depends on stakeholders across the plastic ecosystem. That’s why dialogue is key.

Solving the plastic waste crisis is going to take governments, NGOs, consumers and businesses joining together to take individual and collective action.

That’s why SC Johnson takes part in events like the GreenBiz annual conference for sustainable business leaders and the Retail Council of Canada’s annual Retail Sustainability Conference.

At these and other opportunities, we engage with thought leaders, potential partners and other stakeholders about the ways that we can all, collectively, have an impact.

As an example, in 2022, we welcomed GreenBiz attendees to learn about SC Johnson’s work for a more sustainable world, while showcasing partnerships and products that deliver on that opportunity.

Examples included our partnerships with sports teams including the Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks and Liverpool Football Club that demonstrate the potential for closed loop plastic recycling models in a relatable way.

We also shared examples of SC Johnson product and packaging innovations that are helping to enable and encourage reuse, including concentrated refills for cleaning products, like Windex® DISSOLVE™ Concentrated Pods.

In 2023, our Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson attended the Retail Council of Canada’s Retail Sustainability Conference to speak with top innovators, sustainability experts, government leaders and CPG professionals.

Fisk discussed the issue of plastic waste, the frustrations of trying to create impactful change, and the steps needed to turn the tide.

As he shared at the event, “More is needed, and it is particularly difficult for any one manufacturer or any one retailer to make progress alone.”

“It really takes all stakeholders in the entire plastic ecosystem,” he noted. “Producers, retailers consumers, recyclers and government alike — working together collectively at scale if we are going to solve this issue.”

“We are not just fighting for the health of our planet. We are fighting for our health and the health of our children.”

– Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO, SC Johnson, at the Retail Sustainability Conference 

The power of collective effort

At the Retail Sustainability Conference in Canada, our Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson called on stakeholders across the plastic ecosystem to join a collective effort. Among the needs he highlighted:


  • Strong, practical plastic regulation around the world since we are all dependent on one another.


  • All stakeholders need to help the public understand what they can do individually to help.


  • Businesses must provide product choices that are as convenient and cost effective as possible.


  • Solutions must reach continually greater scale in order to drive effectiveness and lower costs.