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Inspiring Action on Ocean Plastic Pollution

Inviting Londoners to walk beneath the ocean's surface in The Blue Paradox.

In 2021, SC Johnson launched The Blue Paradox, an immersive, pop-up experience in London that invited the public to explore the impact of plastic waste on our planet's most valuable natural resource: our oceans.

Created in partnership with Conservation International, The Blue Paradox ran for 13 days, bringing people together to explore the role plastic plays in society and the small changes all of us can make to help protect our oceans. The goal was to help visitors better understand how businesses, governments and individuals can work together to create a more sustainable world.

The installation featured 360-degree digital projections that allowed visitors to walk beneath the ocean's surface while learning about the benefits and challenges of plastics, plastic pollution, microplastics, innovative solutions and more.

Vistors walking through the immersive, pop-up experience in London.
As one visitor shared on Instagram: "What an eye opener this was to the ocean plastic crisis!!! Absolutely amazing and mesmerising underwater experience learning the values of the oceans ecosystem, the harm that plastic does to those ecosystems and what we can do to make a difference."

Beyond inspiring action to stop ocean plastic, for every visitor to The Blue Paradox, SC Johnson made a donation to Conservation International to help protect one square kilometer of the ocean. These funds will help protect and monitor ocean habitats and marine ecosystems in critical places globally. By the end of the event, this amounted to more than 22,000 square kilometers of ocean.

In addition, before The Blue Paradox opened, our Chairman and CEO, Fisk Johnson, and Conservation International CEO M. Sanjayan took part in a Financial Times panel about addressing the ocean plastic crisis. Participants included leading figures across policy, business, academia and NGOs, and the discussion was broadcast so viewers around the world could take part in the dialogue about collaboration and potential solutions.

Bringing The Blue Paradox to a world-class museum in the U.S. for more to experience.

After taking London by storm, SC Johnson and Conservation International partnered to bring The Blue Paradox experience to the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) in 2023.

Similar to London, the exhibit takes visitors beneath the ocean’s surface and fully immerses them in the paradox of the plastic pollution crisis as they explore the five rooms. Each room serves a unique purpose in understanding the depth of this problem and how we need collective action from all parties involved — governments, businesses and consumers — to turn the tide against the plastic waste crisis.