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Partnering to Safeguard People and Wildlife

Landmines are a threat to people and wildlife in the Okavango Delta. We support an innovative solution. 

Despite being home to thousands of endangered animals and wildlife, the Okavango Delta also poses a dangerous risk due to the landmines left there during the Angola Civil War.

Tragically, more than 80,000 people in Angola have been injured or killed by these deadly devices. The landmines also cut off the natural migration route for Botswana’s elephant herd, one of the world’s largest remaining elephant populations.

To help address these risks, SC Johnson partnered with The HALO Trust in 2021 its first drone innovation project, which employs multi-function drone equipment with heat sensors that can find potential minefields in vast or hard-to-reach places.

We were thrilled to support The HALO Trust’s important work to help protect the people and wildlife in this remarkable area.

The Okavango Delta is home to rare species and endangered animals that need safe pathways to grow and thrive without the threat of landmines.