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Driving progress on plastic film recycling

Curbside recycling is widely available across the U.S.. Part of many families’ daily life, access to recycling close to home has greatly increased the rates of recycling for different packaging materials. Unfortunately, only a very small number of municipalities include plastic film within their curbside recycling programs.  

While plastic film recycling is available at retail locations across the U.S., we want to bring it home and make it easier for families to recycle this material. SC Johnson is helping make the case for curbside plastic film recycling with a series of pilot programs.

A first for New Jersey
Partnering to create a pilot program for curbside plastic film recycling

In 2019, we partnered with the Borough of Bradley Beach on New Jersey’s first pilot program for curbside plastic film recycling.

As part of the program, SC Johnson provided funding for a collection vehicle and curbside bins, as well as community engagement materials to raise awareness.

“This is a win for the environment, a win for Bradley Beach residents and a win for the plastic recycling market. By participating in this program, residents can help safeguard our coast and minimize our plastic waste. We thank SC Johnson for helping us make this a reality.”
Gary Engelstad - Mayor of Bradley Beach

New programs. Fresh impact. 
Making curbside recycling a reality in a range of locations

Since then, we’ve supported the launch of additional programs in Point Roberts, WA, Loch Arbour, NJ and Matawan, NJ, helping more communities find an easier and more efficient path to plastic film recycling.
Here’s how easy it is for families
An example from one of our pilot programs

1. Claim a recycling bin
Pick up your free plastic film recycling bin at the community center

2. Collect your plastic film
Put clean and dry plastic bags and plastic film inside a plastic bag

3. Tie it up
Once it’s about the size of a soccer ball, tie the top of the outer bag in a knot

4. Recycle it
Put your ‘bag of bags’ in your provided plastic film recycling bin

5. Put it out for pick-up
Place the recycling bin next to your yard waste for curbside pick-up

“Making it easier for people to recycle plastic is one the best ways to reduce waste. We’re proud to join Bradley Beach in this effort, and we thank the community for its leadership. I hope this is the first of many more pilot programs around the U.S.”
Fisk Johnson - Chairman and CEO, SC Johnson

Good news all round
Cutting plastic film waste, saving funds

There were good outcomes for the communities involved in the programs. As well as helping create a second life for plastic film through recycling, the Point Roberts pilot also helped the community cut its garbage and recycling fee by sending less material to landfill.

We’re excited to see and share the difference these programs continue to make. We believe the best change has a ‘ripple effect’, benefiting people and the planet in multiple ways.