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Helping protect the world’s forests

Protecting forests is key to ensuring a sustainable world. We’re committed to making choices that protect the planet for future generations. 

We work with our suppliers, stakeholders and partners to achieve net-zero deforestation through the sustainable sourcing of pulp, paper, packaging and palm oil.

Sourcing with care
We use sustainably managed sources and recycled materials

SC Johnson sources 100% of its pulp, paper and packaging from sustainably managed sources (including FSC, PEFC or other credible standards) or from recycled materials. 

Through 2020, this includes 49% post-consumer recycled materials, 19% post-industrial recycled materials, and 31% sustainably managed virgin materials. 

Where our paper, pulp and packaging comes from
from sustainably managed sources or recycled materials
49% from post-consumer recycled materials
19% from post-industrial recycled materials
31% from sustainably managed virgin materials

Sustainable palm oil
A better approach to palm oil and palm kernel oil

We use relatively small amounts of palm oil, palm kernel oil or derivatives, but we recognize the impact that non-sustainable palm oil production has on the planet and on forest conservation for future generations. That’s why we use 100% Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)-certified sustainable materials. As of 2021, we use around 13,000 metric tons of palm oil, palm kernel or derivatives annually.

By 2025, all our palm oil-based raw materials will be 100% RSPO-certified and sourced from identity preserved, segregated or mass balanced physical supply chains.

While using sustainable palm oil makes a difference to deforestation we know it doesn’t solve the issue. Right now, using sustainable palm oil is more responsible than using non-sustainable palm oil, but our long-term goal is to work towards using no palm oil at all.  
A native tree frog found in Brazil's Amazon region
© Trond Larsen 
Supporting conservation projects
Protecting 10,000 acres with Conservation International

As part of our work to reduce deforestation, we’re also glad to support conservation projects. Most recently, we teamed up with Conservation International to help protect 10,000 acres of rainforest in the Amazon through an acre-for-acre match campaign. The funds raised are now being used for the world’s largest tropical reforestation project in the Brazilian Amazon.

The acre-for-acre campaign was promoted in conjunction with SC Johnson’s sponsorship of "Under the Canopy," an immersive 360-degree virtual reality film that allows viewers to experience the wonders of the Amazon. The film, co-produced by CI and leading cinematic virtual reality company Jaunt, explores the extraordinary landscape of Amazonia guided by the indigenous people who inhabit the region and are essential to its protection. It has been seen by more than half a million viewers worldwide.

“Under the Canopy brings viewers to the heart of the Amazon rainforest and inspires them to protect this irreplaceable resource. By supporting our Protect an Acre campaign, SC Johnson turned this inspiration into action, engaging viewers around the world in preserving this forest for the benefit of us all.”

Peter Seligmann - Co-founder, Chairman, Conservation International