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Incentivizing recycling in Brazil

Alongside taking global action to help create a better world, we’re exploring local solutions to global issues. 

In Brazil, more than 25 million tons of recyclable solid waste is discarded each year. So SC Johnson is working with the startup Molécoola on an innovative program designed to reduce the amount of waste entering landfills by increasing access to “one stop shop” recycling centers and giving people incentives to recycle.

Partnering with startup Molécoola
People can now swap recyclables for points

Through our partnership with Molécoola, a reverse logistics startup, we’re sponsoring recycling centers in São Paulo, Brazil with the aim of incentivizing recycling, as well as increasing access and ease.

How? Consumers now have the opportunity to bring a wide range of recyclable materials — including aerosol cans, beverage cans, paper, cardboard, chipboard, plastic, electronics and cooking oil — to any Molécoola drop off location. 

When they hand in the items they’ve collected, people can earn points that can be redeemed for goods and services via an app. To increase the program’s impact, the points can also be used to make charitable donations to community organizations. 

More than 25 million tons of recyclable solid waste is discarded every year in Brazil. 

Supporting a new recycling chain
Effective, 100% traceable recycling

This new recycling chain effectively consolidates recyclables, enables the sale of materials directly to recyclers and is 100% traceable thanks to a unique, up-to-date system that works via an app users can install on their smartphone devices.

By making recycling easier and more appealing to consumers, this partnership is designed to reduce the amount of waste entering Brazil’s landfills. 

Connecting sustainability and commerce
Consumers choose how to ‘spend’ their points

As part of the program, people can earn points faster by recycling packaging from partners like SC Johnson. For example, if a consumer brings a Raid® aerosol or Mr Muscle® spray bottle for recycling, they’ll earn 1,000 points. Once they’ve saved up 20,000 points, they can exchange it for a discount at the retailer Makro. Another example? 24,000 points will get a consumer a 60ml bottle of OFF!® Family insect repellent. 

Incentivizing and increasing access to recycling has the power to make a real difference. Molécoola estimates that if the recyclable materials that are wasted in Brazil each year were recycled instead, they would be worth more than R$10 billion. The success of this innovative program offers a model that could be adopted in other locations, by multiple businesses and communities.

It also connects to SC Johnson’s activities elsewhere in the world. For example, in partnership with Plastic Bank, we’ve opened more than 250 plastic collection points in Indonesia, the Philippines and Brazil. More than 15,000 individuals are registered members of the program, exchanging plastic waste for income.

“We are excited to partner with Molécoola to help increase recycling rates in Brazil. As a leading manufacturer of household consumer brands in Brazil, we have a longstanding commitment to protecting the environment.”
Tatiana Ganem - Executive Director and General Manager, SC Johnson Brazil