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Leading the way on ingredient transparency

For more than a decade, SC Johnson has been leading our industry in transparency, using our ingredient website to give families the information they need.

We believe in empowering consumers with information about the ingredients we use and the products we make, so they can make informed choices based on facts.

Consumers deserve clarity reaches 6 billion consumers

SC Johnson is at work for a more transparent world—one in which integrity and innovation go hand in hand. We first launched our ingredient website back in 2009 and have been leading the way ever since.

Today, our transparency site lists our product ingredients across 10,000 products, in 68 countries, in 35 languages, reaching 6 billion consumers.

As well as sharing the ingredients we use, we’re helping people understand how and why we choose ingredients, so consumers can make choices based on clear facts.

SC Johnson first launched its ingredient website in 2009 and we’ve been industry leaders in transparency ever since.

Disclosure that goes the distance
We disclose more than 99.99% of each formula

Leading the way in ingredient transparency, SC Johnson discloses fragrance ingredients down to 0.01% of the product formula, across its portfolio of owned global brands.

We negotiated this extensive disclosure with our suppliers, with just a tiny bit held back to protect their proprietary fragrance formulas. 

Disclosure, in action
Here are some examples of how we go above and beyond:

Product-specific fragrance disclosure
We were the first in our industry to provide over 99% of the individual ingredients that make up the fragrances in our products. 

A spotlight on skin allergens
Going above and beyond EU and U.S. regulations and industry practice, we openly detail the presence of 368 potential skin allergens that may occur in our fragrances or products. 

We analyzed over 3,000 data sets from public and industry sources to create a comprehensive list of potential skin allergens, vetted our criteria with external experts and we disclose them on a product-specific basis.

Letting families know how we select our ingredients
It’s not just industry standards, it is SC Johnson standards

We hold ourselves accountable to rigorous internal standards that often go beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We publish the step-by-step details behind our selection criteria that include a data-driven (or scientific) analysis of an ingredient’s impact on human health and the environment.  For us, it is not about meeting the minimum standards, it must meet the SC Johnson standards.
For us, transparency is never about checking a box. It’s about disclosing information, doing what’s right and leading the way to make a difference for families, the industry and the wider world.