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SC Johnson Donates 15 Million Pesos to Provide Pathways for Girls in Mexico and Costa Rica

MEXICO CITY, Mexico, November 20, 2020 — SC Johnson today announced a donation of 15 million pesos to the Dibujando un Mañana Foundation to fund programs critical to enabling girls and young women in Mexico and Costa Rica rise above poverty, homelessness and neglect. This is the 15th consecutive year SC Johnson has made such a donation to the Dibujando un Mañana Foundation. 

“SC Johnson is proud to continue our partnership with Dibujando un Mañana. Together, we have worked to help provide opportunities for girls who are the future cornerstones of families in our communities,” said Luis Manuel Hernandez Rojas, Vice President and General Manager for SC Johnson Northern Cluster. “We hope our contribution and collaboration continues to provide pathways to greater economic and social mobility to those impacted by poverty and neglect.” 

SC Johnson’s joint program with Dibujando un Mañana is called "Tú Puedes Ayudar” (You Can Help). The program's goal is to transform the lives of girls and young women through education, training and counseling. Past successful projects include building a computer lab at a school, remodeling a support home and providing counselors at group homes.

This year’s donation will help fund 27 civil society organizations in 11 states supporting more than 5,600 girls in México. In addition, SC Johnson made an in-kind donation of more than 100,000 cleaning products to Dibujando un Mañana in May 2020 helping nearly 1,300 families during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Costa Rica the donation will help fund 8 civil society organizations in 4 states supporting more than 2,500 girls.

“We are especially thankful for SC Johnson’s long-time commitment to Fundación Dibujando un Mañana,” said Katty Beltrán, General Manager for Fundación Dibujando un Mañana. “Everything we do is in support of our collective vision of protecting, educating, and helping girls empower themselves and contribute to the development of healthy and stable families and societies."  

Over the last 15 years, SC Johnson has donated a total of 140 million pesos to Dibujando un Mañana. More than 50,000 children in 25 states of the Mexico Republic have benefitted from this support. 

About Dibujando un Mañana 
Founded in 1997 it has a network of over 350 supported institutions, benefiting more than 540,000 Mexican children. We are a foundation that seeks to generate a positive social impact for a healthier and happy childhood in Mexico. To achieve this, we maximize the impact of donations through a careful process of allocation of resources.