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Fact Sheet: SC Johnson Acquisitions Bring Quality Brands

In our more than 130-year history, SC Johnson has created beloved brands like Raid®, Glade®, Pledge®, OFF!® and Shout®, and also acquired numerous businesses where we saw a great opportunity for growth.

Here's a look at some of SC Johnson's key acquisitions...

The Drackett Company

1992: The Drackett Company, which brought SC Johnson the Windex® and Drano® brands.

The DowBrands Business

1998: The DowBrands business, which added Ziploc®, Saran®, Scrubbing Bubbles® and fantastik® to our family of brands.

Business of Bayer AG

2003: The household insecticides business of Bayer AG, which included Baygon® insecticides and Autan® repellents.

The Caldrea Company

2008: The Caldrea Company, which included the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® and Caldrea® brands.

Shoe Care Business of Sara Lee

2011: The shoe care business of Sara Lee, including the Kiwi® brand that’s trusted by families around the globe.

The Space Bag Brand

2012: The Space Bag® brand, which has become a valued part of our Ziploc® business.

Deb Group

2015: Deb Group, a global industrial company focused on hygiene and skin care systems for the industrial, commercial, healthcare and food markets.


2016: Babyganics®, a rapidly growing baby brand providing household and personal care products for the growing family.


2016: The Applied Infection Control business of STERIS, which added commercial skin care, surface cleaning products and surgical prep brands to SC Johnson’s professional skin care portfolio.

The Method and Ecover

2018: The Method® and Ecover® brands of People Against Dirty, which brought more trusted home care, hand and body, and laundry products to SC Johnson.

Sun Bum and Baby Bum

2019: The Sun Bum® and Baby Bum® brands offer quality personal care products including sun protection, hair care, lip care and baby care products. 

Stasher Brand

2019: The Stasher® brand is a fast-growing line of high-quality, reusable silicone storage bags perfectly complementing our portfolio of trusted, quality brands.