From continually improving our products, to using renewable energy, to fighting deforestation, SC Johnson has a long legacy of taking action to protect the environment today and for future generations.

Latest News: Environmental Responsibility

Use less. Recycle more. Be responsible. They're rules to live by for every family, including ours. We’re committed to reducing waste, using renewable energy and operating responsibly around the world. 
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Tackling Plastic Pollution

Fisk Johnson walking the street with a plastic collector in Indonesia
Plastic pollution is destroying the health of the ocean. Business, governments and civil society have to come together and take action.

Forest Conservation: Continuing Efforts to Stop Deforestation

illegal deforestation - field of trees taken down and on the ground
We understand that the choices we make say a lot about us. They should. So, we want you to know that we work hard to operate in ways that are both sustainable and ethical. And when it comes to our impact on the planet, we choose carefully. 
SC Johnson Promotes Ways to Stop Deforestation
Living Our Purpose
1915 –
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Renewable Energy Powers SC Johnson

SCJ Waxdale Wind Energy Cogeneration System
Energy consumption around the world continues to rise. In fact, it’s expected to grow by nearly 50% by 2040. That’s why as far back as 2001, SC Johnson was working to add new sources into our renewable energy mix.
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2018/19 Sustainability Report
Our latest sustainability report highlights the global crisis of plastic pollution and how SC Johnson is working toward solutions.
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Our Products

Our family of brands is at home in your home, from Glade®, Raid®, OFF!® and Ziploc®, to Mrs. Meyer’s® and Mr Muscle®.
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Principles Guide Us

From the ingredient we put in our products to the way we run our plants, we work every day to do what’s right.
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