From renewable energy, to fighting deforestation and advocating for plastic reuse and better recycling infrastructures, we will continue to take action to protect the environment today and for future generations.

Global Partnership Combats Pollution & Poverty

Fisk Johnson walking the street with a plastic collector in Indonesia
Global Partnership with Plastic Bank aims to stop plastic waste from entering the ocean while fighting poverty. Three-year effort opens 509 plastic collection points.

Committed to Plastic Recycling and Reuse

Fisk Johnson on plastic covered beach
In 2018, we took another step toward ensuring the responsibility of our products, joining a groundbreaking coalition of businesses and governments to tackle the growing global crisis of plastic pollution.
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Minimizing our Footprint

Continuing Efforts to Stop Deforestation

SC Johnson Promotes Ways to Stop Deforestation
We're continuing our work to help prevent deforestation and are partnering with suppliers, businesses and conservation organizations to put an end to illegal deforestation globally.

Principles Guide Us

From the ingredient we put in our products to the way we run our plants, we work every day to do what’s right.
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A Family Perspective

We approach decisions as if the consequences will be sitting down with us at the dinner table for years to come.
What it means to be a family company