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Shout® Tackles a New Generation of Stains

Survey Reveals Confidence is Lacking Among Millennials to Take On Modern Messes

RACINE, Wis., July 23, 2015 ― Ketchup, mustard and grass have always been the culprits of traditional stains but, over time, stains have evolved with each new generation creating their own, brand new mess. Enter the New Generation of Stains.

Artisanal foods like sriracha sauce, kombucha and kale are dominating grocery carts now more than ever and thanks to these crafty condiments, laundry time means taking on trendy stains too. A new survey by Shout®1 found that 63 percent of millennials are shopping for these craftier foods – and the stains they leave behind are nothing short of confidence-busting. Compared to classic stains like mustard and ketchup (43 percent), only 17 percent had the confidence to take on this new generation of stains.

Shout® it Out!

For the second year in a row, Shout® partnered with The Color Run™, the ultimate hipster, mess-making 5K fun run.  

With races taking place across the country, Shout® partnered with music superstar and Spice Girl, Mel B., to kick off the summer with the ultimate celebration of fun and mess.  

“As a working mom who is always on-the-go, life can often get a little chaotic, not to mention messy,” said pop star and busy mom of three children, Mel B. “Shout® gives me the peace of mind I need to have fun because I can take care of stains on-the-go—and keeps my wardrobe intact after my daughter borrows my clothes too.”

The Dirt on Laundry

No matter what you’re into, one thing is for sure, stains are not cool and knowing how to protect your wardrobe is key.

  • Laundry novice2.Despite millennials learning to do laundry on average at age 14 as part of at-home chores, their number one concern when doing laundry is not being able to get a stain out. 
  • Classic stains? No problem. New gen stains? We have issues. Americans are confident in their ability to remove three of the most common stains – mud (40 percent), ketchup/mustard (36 percent) and grass (35 percent) – but only a few are confident when facing sriracha (16 percent), kale smoothie (14 percent) or kombucha (12 percent).
  • Extra precautions to avoid stains, or not? People do some creative things to avoid stains – like preparing a separate wardrobe for their kids to enjoy messy activities (62 percent of parents) and avoiding white-colored clothing (31 percent of Americans).
  • Emoji experts are not symbol savvy. Millennials have embraced the art of texting using emojis, but the symbols that appear on all clothing tags remain a mystery with 85 percent unfamiliar with the dry clean symbol.
  • Kids mean more stains and more laundry. Despite a wealth of stain removal knowledge, 39 percent of parents said they didn’t realize how messy some foods could be until they had children.

About Shout®

Shout® has been effectively removing classic stains like ketchup or mustard for years and remains at the forefront of stain removal when it comes to today’s trendy stains. Available in grocery, mass merchandise and drug stores nationwide, Shout® offers a wide array of stain removal products designed to treat and remove stains, protect clothes and give consumers the confidence to live life to the fullest, including:

  • Shout® Trigger Triple-Acting Stain Remover
  • Shout® Color Catcher®
  • Shout® Advanced Gel
  • Shout® Wipes

To learn more about Shout® and their line of stain removal products, visit,, and

To learn more about The Color Run™, visit

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1 Written by Shout® and conducted using Google Consumer Surveys, July 2015

2 The Shout® “New Generation of Stains” Survey was based on a nationally representative sample of 2,500 American adults ages 18-64. It was conducted from May 2-19, 2015 by Edelman Berland. The margin of error, at the 95% confidence level, is +/- 1.96%.