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SC Johnson Leads the Way in Providing Consumers With Fragrance Information

Company Expands Ingredient Disclosure Website, Provides Consumers with Even More Fragrance Information to Make Informed Choices for Their Families

RACINE, Wis., June 8, 2015 -- Today, SC Johnson becomes the first major consumer packaged goods company to offer product-specific fragrance disclosure to consumers, beginning with Glade®. This expanded disclosure gives consumers additional information to make more informed choices and is a next step for the company as it continues its decades-long journey to transform industry efforts when it comes to ingredient transparency.

"We take great care in making ingredient choices to offer products that are both safe and effective," said Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson. "Earning consumer trust can only happen when companies are willing to lay it all out there. Expanded fragrance disclosure and ongoing transparency initiatives are vital to building consumer trust and credibility. That is why we continue to advocate for and promote transparency."

An April 2015 study commissioned by SC Johnson from GlobeScan[1] found that now, more than ever, consumers appreciate transparency and want to know what is in the products they use. In addition, nearly three-quarters of respondents surveyed indicated that they would choose a company that provides access to detailed lists of its air care products' ingredients versus a company that does not.

What Consumers Can Expect

Starting today, consumers can access product-specific fragrance information on, the company's ingredient disclosure website, or by calling 800-558-5252. Consumers can access fragrance ingredients present at the highest concentrations down to .09 percent of the product formula, or the top 10 ingredients when there are at least 20 ingredients, whichever provides the most information. On the site, detailed fragrance information can be accessed by clicking on the word "fragrance" in the list of product ingredients.

As a leader in home fragrance, SC Johnson and its Glade® brand know that our sense of smell helps unlock a variety of positive emotions. In fact, a 2013 survey conducted by Glade®[2] found that among the 84 percent for whom scent triggers memories, scents allow us to tap into emotion by enabling us to re-experience the joy of a specific place, person or event. That is why we are initially launching our enhanced fragrance disclosure program with Glade® products, then other SC Johnson brands like Pledge®, Windex®, Shout® and Scrubbing Bubbles® will follow. The availability of product-specific fragrance ingredient information goes above the industry standard. For fun facts on fragrance visit

Join the Celebration - Enter to Win

To celebrate this next ingredient transparency milestone, SC Johnson will be running an online giveaway offering consumers the chance to win one of 1,000 farm-direct, sustainably grown floral arrangements from For more information about how to enter, visit

SC Johnson Continues to Lead on Ingredient Disclosure

SC Johnson's decision to reveal product-specific fragrance ingredients is just another example of its long commitment to ingredient transparency:

In 2009, SC Johnson voluntarily launched to make more information readily accessible to consumers.

In 2011, SC Johnson added enhanced ingredient definitions to

In 2012, SC Johnson started adding full ingredient lists to product labels.

In 2012, SC Johnson expanded the program with the introduction of its Exclusive Fragrance Palette, another industry first that provided consumers with a comprehensive list of fragrance ingredients found in the company's products.

In 2013, SC Johnson added registered products to

In 2014, SC Johnson was the first major U.S. consumer packaged goods company to announce that it will expand its ingredient disclosure efforts by providing more product-specific fragrance ingredient information.

In 2014, SC Johnson published details from its day-to-day restricted-use list for product formulators in its sustainability report.

About SC Johnson

SC Johnson is a family company dedicated to innovative, high-quality products, excellence in the workplace and a long-term commitment to the environment and the communities in which it operates. Based in the USA, the company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of household cleaning products and products for home storage, air care, pest control and shoe care. It markets such well-known brands as GLADE®, KIWI®, OFF!®, PLEDGE®, RAID®, SCRUBBING BUBBLES®, SHOUT®, WINDEX® and ZIPLOC® in the U.S. and beyond, with brands marketed outside the U.S. including AUTAN®, TANA®, BAMA®, BAYGON®, BRISE®, KABIKILLER®, KLEAR®, MR MUSCLE®, and RIDSECT®. The 129-year-old company, that generates $9 billion in sales, employs nearly 13,000 people globally and sells products in virtually every country around the world.  

[1] GlobeScan. Implications of SC Johnson Ingredients and Fragrance Disclosure. 2015. Print.

[2] As part of a research study to uncover insights for SC Johnson's Glade®, Edelman Berland conducted a 15 minute telephone survey among a nationally-representative sample of 1,010 American adults. This survey was fielded between Sept. 10-12, 2013. The margin of error for this study (n=1,010) is +/- 3.1%.