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SC Johnson Offers Tips for Cleaning Your Home Like a Pro for Thanksgiving

RACINE, Wis., November 17, 2015 –– Nearly all Americans* celebrate Thanksgiving and most say that the best part of the holidays is spending time with family. For holiday hosts, the flurry of activities, from de-cluttering and cleaning to cooking, can be overwhelming and stressful. This holiday season, SC Johnson shares tips on tackling pre-Thanksgiving cleaning with products Americans can trust to help make their homes ready for entertaining.

Start Like a Pro

Tackle cleaning like a professional: start from the top and move to the bottom to assure that dust and dirt do not fall onto areas you already cleaned. Restore the streak-free shine to chandeliers, lamps, windows, picture frames and mirrors with Windex® Original Glass Cleaner.

Kitchen - The Epicenter

If the kitchen is the epicenter of all Thanksgiving activities, the refrigerator is the fueling station and the countertop is the command post. Get them both ready for guests. Empty the refrigerator before cleaning the interior walls with Bleach 5-in-1 Scrubbing Bubbles® All Purpose Cleaner with fantastik®. Kitchen counters take the heaviest toll during Thanksgiving preparations. De-clutter them first by putting away gadgets you do not plan on using and wipe them with Bleach 5-in-1 Scrubbing Bubbles® All Purpose Cleaner with fantastik®, which removes tough food stains and greasy soil, and eliminates odors as it cleans.

Dining Room - The Center Stage

For 76% of Americans* having a big, homemade meal is one of their family’s Thanksgiving traditions. As the dining room table becomes the holiday’s center stage, wipe it gently and restore its shine with Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner before setting your best dinnerware and seasonal decorations.

The Perfect Finish

Last but not least: after your guests settle to watch the game and you move back to the kitchen to load the dishwasher, don’t forget to keep Drano® Max Gel Clog Remover within reach. All that feasting may result in leftover food clogging your drains. Drano® Max Gel Clog Remover will dissolve the toughest clogs fast without harming pipes, garbage disposals or septic systems.    

As you finalize your plans on how to tackle the pre-Thanksgiving cleaning, remember that just as Thanksgiving is a family affair, so can be getting your house ready for the holidays. Don’t do it all by yourself: delegate and enlist the help of your family.  

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* SC Johnson Thanksgathering Survey, October 2015