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Inspire Feelings of Temptation and Exhilaration with New Glade® Fragrances

New Glade® Autumn Collection fragrances fuel emotions that encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone

Inspire feelings of temptation and exhilaration with new Glade® fragrances.
Glade® designed the new Autumn Collection with the temptations of the season in mind.

RACINE, Wis., AUG. 22, 2016 – Autumn is a time of transformation and new beginnings, when many consumers look to reinvent their home and personal style to better embrace the new season. To celebrate the upcoming season, Glade® has released a new Autumn Collection and partnered with Rachel Herz, Ph.D., a world-renowned expert on the psychology of smell and emotion, to showcase the important role scent plays in sparking emotions and inspiring consumers to embrace the more mysterious, daring side of autumn.

“Of all our senses, smell is most strongly tied to our emotions, yet many don’t realize how the feelings we experience on a day-to-day basis are influenced by smell,” Herz said. “Fragrances are instantly processed through our olfactory bulb, which immediately triggers the part of our brain that evokes emotions. As a result, as soon as we experience fragrances that resonate with us, how we feel and how we interact with the world around us can be transformed.”

Understanding the powerful connection between scent and emotion, Glade® designed each of the three new fragrances from the Glade® Autumn Collection – Spiced Apple Magic™, Wondrous Autumn Nights™ and Rich Pumpkin Dream™ – with complex fragrance blends, like patchouli autumn blossoms, leather and mint to help consumers explore all the season has to offer.

“The Glade® Autumn Collection incorporates a versatile palette of fragrances that can help you step out of your comfort zone this autumn and truly embrace the glamour of the season,” Herz said. “For example, the leather and mint notes in the Wondrous Autumn Nights™ fragrance tempt me to pull out my red leather jacket and succumb to the crisp breeze of the season.”

In addition to inspiring your personal style, the Glade® Autumn Collection fragrances can help you achieve a more mysterious and glamour-infused ambiance in your home this season. To help inspire this transformation, Glade® partnered with renowned lifestyle blogger and home décor expert Michael Wurm Jr. of Inspired by Charm to bring you the following tips for creating an elevated autumn environment:

  1. Expand your color palette. Choose colors that suit the season, like purple, orange and emerald green. Then, add glamour with metallic gold and copper accents.
  2. Enrich with texture. Swap light fabrics for cable knit, burlap, faux fur, flannel or tweed to provide decorative texture and cozy comfort.
  3. Add personality. Remember all those pictures you took this summer? Use them to personalize your décor by creating a gallery wall or decoupage your pics on a faux pumpkin!
  4. Get inspired by vintage finds. Shop local vintage stores and flea markets for unique accessories, like rich gold goblets and rustic platters. Host a craft night to turn these unexpected items into fall-inspired art.
  5. Tie together with fragrance: The right fragrance is essential in creating a glamorous autumn-inspired environment. To elevate your guests’ whole experience, chose a fragrance from the Glade® Autumn Collection to spark feelings of temptation.

Glade® designed each scent in the new Autumn Collection with all the temptations of the season in mind:

  • Spiced Apple Magic™: Set the spellbound scene with an utterly enchanting scent when notes of warm apple cider intermingle with spicy cinnamon. Keep magic coming at every turn when you encounter spicy clove and nutmeg taking you on an unexpected adventure.  
  • Wondrous Autumn Nights™: Let the crisp air whisper notes of patchouli, autumn blossoms and dark sweetness as you briskly step into a season of wonder. Follow the path least chosen surrounded by refreshing brushes of mint and rich leather awakening your most daring self.
  • Rich Pumpkin Dream™: Notes of pumpkin and melted caramel are topped with sparkling ginger and nutmeg to evoke feelings of temptation. The tantalizing experience continues with hints of sweet vanilla and buttercream that will be sure to embolden your spirit.

The Glade® Autumn Collection fragrances are now available in multiple formats, including Jar Candles, Automatic Sprays, PlugIns® Scented Oils, Wax Melts and Premium Room Sprays, and can be found in the air care aisle of most food, drug and mass-merchandise stores.

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