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A mosquito that could transmit insect borne disease

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Hinder Your Memorial Weekend Fun

Kick off the Summer Season with Tips & Tricks from the Bug Experts at SC Johnson

SC Johnson bug experts offer useful tips to help you protect your family while outdoors.
Take proper precautions to avoid mosquito bites when spending time outside.

RACINE, Wis., May 26, 2016 – Summer is quickly approaching, which means people will be spending a lot more time outdoors, whether it be a Memorial Day parade with friends, a family game of volleyball or simply a get-together BBQ with neighbors. As concerns about the spread of mosquito-borne diseases like Zika and West Nile Virus increase, it is important to take proper precautions to avoid mosquito bites when spending time outside.

The bug experts from SC Johnson’s Entomology Center offer useful tips to help you protect your family while outdoors.


Preventing mosquito bites isn’t always top of mind when thinking of all the excitement summer has to offer, but it is important to make pest control a priority. Preparing yourself for pest season doesn’t have to be a hassle when following these tips:

Remove standing water. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so removing it from your property can reduce their numbers. Rain gutters, buckets, bird baths, or fountains with stagnant water are all possible breeding sites.

Plan activities around peak mosquito hours. Although mosquitoes can technically bite you any time of the day, they are most active around the hours of dawn and dusk. If possible, schedule your outdoor activities to avoid these times. Make sure you have personal repellent on hand to protect yourself, family and friends from mosquitoes.

Apply a pest pre-treatment to your yard. A pre-treatment product works to protect your yard from mosquitoes and other insects. Some product applications kill insects on treated hard, non-porous outdoor surfaces for up to eight weeks. Always read product directions prior to application.


Spending time outdoors is one of the things many of us look forward to most in the summer. To fully enjoy all the outdoors has to offer, take action to guard you and your family from potentially harmful pests like mosquitoes. Protection can be made simple when following the tips below:

Apply personal repellent. Applying a personal repellent correctly can help protect you from mosquitoes. Before using a personal repellent, always read the product label and follow directions.

  • Personal repellents come in many forms, including lotions, aerosol sprays and wipes, and can contain active ingredients such as DEET or Picaridin.
  • Personal repellents should be used on exposed skin and clothes to prevent mosquitoes from biting.
  • If you plan to wear sunscreen, apply sunscreen first and then insect repellent over it.

Wear Appropriate Clothing. Believe it or not, clothing can help reduce mosquito bites.

  • When weather permits, wear long sleeves, long pants, and socks when outdoors.
  • Mosquitoes may bite through thin clothing, so spraying clothes with an insect repellent will provide extra protection. Be sure to always read the label directions before use.
  • Consider wearing light-colored clothing as mosquitoes are more attracted to dark colored clothing.

Have spatial repellents on hand to keep mosquitoes away. Area, or spatial, repellents are used to reduce encounters between humans and mosquitoes in a broad area, including a place of outdoor seating or around the yard. There are many different kinds of area repellents, so read the individual label carefully before selecting a product that’s right for your family, and before using.

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