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SC Johnson Announces 11 Million Peso Donation to Dibujando Mañana

Donation Helps to Build a Better Future for Homeless Girls

México City, September 20, 2016 – For the eleventh consecutive year, SC Johnson announces its annual donation to the Dibujando un Mañana foundation. This year’s donation of more than 11 million pesos will be used to fund vital programs to help Mexican girls rise above poverty, homelessness and neglect.

SC Johnson’s joint program with Dibujando un Mañana is called "Tú Puedes Ayudar” (You Can Help). The program assists organizations that help girls and young women who suffer as the result of neglect and poverty. The program's goal is to transform the lives of girls and young women through education, training and counseling. Past successful projects include building a computer lab at a school, remodeling a support home and providing counselors at group homes.

“With more than 60 years in Mexico, SC Johnson is committed to helping the girls in the ‘Tú Puedes Ayudar’ program that are in neglectful conditions,” said Luis Manuel Hernandez Rojas, General Manager for SC Johnson in Mexico and Central America. “As a family company with the goal of making life better for the next generation, we’re proud to continue our partnership with Dibujando un Mañana, and hope our contribution continues to positively impact thousands of girls in Mexico so they can live healthy and happy lives.”

Since SC Johnson’s involvement in the program began more than a decade ago, almost 28,000 children in 18 states of the Mexico Republic have benefitted from 81 million pesos in total donations. The partnership has also been able to provide adequate channeling of donations, and supports projects to assist institutions that in turn transform the lives of girls.

"We are very proud to continue the collaborative work hand-in-hand with SC Johnson,” said Andrea Gonzalez de Toca, President of the Dibujando un Mañana foundation. “The good work we do through the program "Tú Puedes Ayudar” keeps me convinced that by helping a young girl, the society in which we live can be positively transformed."

About Dibujando un Mañana

Founded in 1997 it has a network of over 350 supported institutions, benefiting more than 540,000 Mexican children. We are a foundation that seeks to generate a positive social impact for a healthier and happy childhood in Mexico. To achieve this, we maximize the impact of donations through a careful process of allocation of resources.