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SC Johnson Chairman and CEO looks at the devastation of illegal deforestation

Fisk Johnson Raises Awareness of Deforestation, Continuing Longstanding Commitment to Global Forest Protection

SC Johnson to Source 100% of its Natural Raw Materials from Sustainably Managed Forests by 2020

"When you see the devastation of deforestation firsthand, it's very powerful. I wanted to share that experience so more people can see and understand the impact," - Fisk Johnson
SC Johnson sources 90% of raw materials from sustainably managed forests, and is committed to making that 100% by 2020.
RACINE, Wis., April 29, 2019 – Forest protection has been a focus for SC Johnson for generations. Now, the company's Chairman and CEO, Fisk Johnson, is shining a spotlight on the topic in his ongoing effort to raise awareness of global environmental issues like deforestation and ocean plastic.

Johnson recently visited areas impacted by illegal deforestation with longtime partner Conservation International (CI), and confirmed the company's pledge to source 100% of its natural raw materials from sustainably managed forests by 2020. Since then he's shared videos about forest protection and sustainable farming methods, bringing millions of views and ongoing dialogue to this topic.

"When you see the devastation of deforestation firsthand, it's very powerful. I wanted to share that experience so more people can see and understand the impact," Johnson said. "Human well-being depends on healthy forests for clean water, food security, carbon capture and other benefits. It's critical that governments, NGOs, companies and citizens keep fighting to protect them. It’s great to see the work CI is doing to lead this charge.” 
Johnson's grandfather, H.F. Johnson, Jr., visited Brazil in 1935, beginning the company’s longstanding dedication to global forest protection. The company operated a research center in Brazil for decades, cultivating thousands of carnaúba specimens that laid the groundwork for years of continuing research and preservation. The facility was donated to the Escola de Agronomic of the University of Ceará in 1970 so study could continue.

Sam Johnson, the company's fourth-generation leader, led the protection of two reserves in Brazil's Caatinga ecoregion in the 1990s, and the creation of The Fund for Conservation of Caatinga Association, a group dedicated to studying and protecting the region's environmental landscape. SC Johnson also donated 18,000 acres of Caatinga land for conservation.

SC Johnson & Conservation International

Since 2001, led by Fisk Johnson, the company has undertaken numerous forest protection programs through an ongoing partnership with CI. Through SC Johnson's work with and contributions to CI, more than 100,000 acres of tropical forest have been conserved — much of it in the Amazon region. 

“Environmental protection is prioritized in all aspects of our business and we’re always looking at ways to protect the Earth’s critical resources for generations to come,” Johnson said. “Currently we source 90% of our raw materials from sustainably managed forests, and committing to making that 100% by 2020 is a natural evolution in advancing this work.”
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