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Introducing our Living Better World Accountability Report

For more than 25 years we have been publicly reporting our sustainability progress and providing an in-depth look at what we’re doing around the globe in pursuit of a better world. This year, we’re taking a different approach with our living Better World Accountability Report – our new, consumer-first approach to corporate impact reporting.

The living Better World Accountability Report is designed with you in mind. Our programs and progress will be accessible to you every step of the way, with real-time updates delivered directly to your social feed as they happen.

At the core of our business is a deep appreciation for the health of our planet and the well-being of others. Today, our world faces many incredible challenges: impacts of a pandemic, lack of access to quality health services, education disparities, a plastic waste crisis and much more. 

Since Samuel Curtis Johnson founded SC Johnson in 1886 we have remained a family company at work for a better world. For more than 135 years we have continued this mission through a commitment to help make a more sustainable world, a more transparent world, a healthier world and a world with more opportunity for all. 

In everything we do, we work to deliver real, measurable changes in people’s lives and the health of the planet. Even as a privately owned company we’ve provided access to our progress, as we believe this transparent information should be available to those who want to share in our journey. 

“I’ve often said that SC Johnson does not measure success by the financial report of the next quarter but by the world we leave for future generations.” – Fisk Johnson, Fifth Generation Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson

Better World Accountability Report

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