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Little Pod. Big Impact. How SC Johnson’s New DISSOLVE™ Concentrated Pods are Working Toward a Waste-Free World

Over the course of our history, we have worked to find new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Whether it’s by removing excess plastics wherever possible, establishing partnerships with organizations like Plastic Bank to stop plastic waste from entering the ocean or committing to making 100% of our plastic packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable and using 25% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) by 2025, we have remained committed to playing our part to helping create a more waste-free world.

As part of our efforts to reduce waste, while offering our families more sustainable product choices that can make a positive impact on our environment, we’re excited to launch new DISSOLVE™ Concentrated Pods across our Windex®, Scrubbing Bubbles® and fantastik® brands in the U.S. The easy-to-use dissolvable liquid pods and reusable bottles reduce plastic waste by 94 percent with each refill*, while providing a powerful clean.

The DISSOLVE™ Concentrated Pods are available for purchase as a starter pack, including a reusable SC Johnson trigger bottle, or as a single-use refill. The product can be found on Amazon and at retailers nationwide including Target, Meijer and Walmart.

As a family company at work for a better world, we’re always looking for new, innovative ways to help create a more waste-free world – and our new DISSOLVE™ Concentrated Pods are one of the many steps we’re taking action to reduce plastic waste and increase the reusability of our products.

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*Refill versus 23 fl oz or larger Same-Branded Sprayer Bottle.