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A More Sustainable Sparkling Clean: SC Johnson Brands That Can Help You Spring Clean with Less Plastic Waste

Reduce your Plastic While Cleaning Your Home from Top to Bottom

Spring is in the air…and that means spring cleaning – an annual tradition for 80% of Americans – is right around the corner.


Here are some ways your favorite SC Johnson brands can help your home sparkle, while reducing plastic waste. 

Little Pods. Big Impact. 

Our DISSOLVE™ Concentrated Pods across our Windex® & Scrubbing Bubbles® offer families more sustainable product choices that can make a positive impact on our environment. The easy-to-use dissolvable liquid pods provide a powerful clean, and the reusable bottles reduce plastic waste by 94% with each refill, compared to a 23 fl oz sprayer bottle. 

Hardworking Homekeeping.

A little goes a long way with Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner Concentrate Starter Kit. They use 99% less plastic compared with our single-use bottles, but still smell like your favorite hardworking garden-inspired scents. Helpful Hint: You can use our wonderful concentrated refills in either our reusable 16 oz glass bottles or the standard 16 oz plastic bottles.

Refilling is Fulfilling. 

Inside each method® radical recyclable glass bottles is a concentrated, future-friendly formula that mixes with water to make 14oz of all-purpose cleaner. Using method's concentrated refills + aluminum bottle saves over 96% plastic compared to our single-use plastic bottles. 

Reduce. Reuse. Resparkle. 

Windex® Original, Vinegar, Ammonia-Free spray bottles and Vinegar refills are made of 100% Recovered Coastal Plastic, reducing our reliance on virgin plastics.

Recovered Coastal Plastic is recycled plastic collected on land, in partnership with Plastic Bank, within 31 miles of an ocean so that it does not reach oceans or landfills.

The Recovered Coastal Plastic used to make our new bottles is collected by residents of impoverished communities affected by high volumes of uncollected plastic waste.