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Where Can I Buy SC Johnson’s Concentrated Refills and Other Sustainable Products?

SC Johnson has been working for a more sustainable world for decades, including making our product packaging more reusable and recyclable. From our first line of concentrated refills in 2011 to our 2020 launch of recyclable paper sandwich bags, our goal is always to create great products for your family, with less waste for the planet.

Here's a look at some of our recent innovations and where you can find them.

SC Johnson concentrated cleaner refills

The new line of SC Johnson concentrates launched in the U.S. and Canada in May 2019, with Scrubbing Bubbles®, Windex® and fantastik® bottles and two-count refills hit Amazon and other e-commerce retailers – including Target and Walmart websites. The next wave of concentrate refills – including Scrubbing Bubbles®, Windex® and Mr Muscle® – follower and are now available for purchase online in Mexico, the United Kingdom, China and Japan.

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Ziploc® brand recyclable paper bags

Make every meal both delicious and conscious. With new Ziploc® brand Recyclable Paper Bags you can pack well, and snack well. The extra-wide opening that makes them easy to fill and simple to snack from. As a bonus, these paper lunch bags are food safe and resealable. Their non-wax formula makes them recyclable, and perfect to use both as sandwich and snack bags. The playful designs and cute stickers on these printed paper bags are a great way to brighten their day. They also have a section on the bag that’s been left blank; it’s the perfect place to write that special message. These paper sandwich bags are sensible, thoughtful and fun, all in one. Packing and snacking just got a lot easier, so bring on the smiles with these Ziploc® brand Recyclable Paper Bags.

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Windex® and Mr Muscle® 100% Recycled Ocean-Plastic Bottles

These bottles are made from plastic that was picked up near beaches and waterways to stop it from ending up in the ocean. Through our partnership with Plastic Bank, the plastic gets recycled and incorporated into our packaging, while providing income and opportunity for plastic collectors.

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