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Celebrating Fans' Sustainable Efforts: The Mr Muscle & SC Johnson Walk of Fame

Plastic recycling has become part of the match experience for football fans at Liverpool FC’s Anfield stadium. And the plastic collected over the past two seasons has been part of a circular recycling project in which the plastic went into forming new bottles for Mr Muscle Glass and Mirror cleaner with no material going to landfill.  

Creating the bottle made from plastic collected at Anfield delivers on the promise made when SC Johnson and Liverpool FC announced their purpose-based partnership nearly three years ago. The success is due in large part to fans who answered the request to recycle single-use bottles purchased during the team’s matches. Throughout this season, more than 90 percent of sold plastic bottles have been collected as part of the team’s recycling efforts. 

In celebration, SC Johnson, the makers of Mr Muscle and official sustainability partners of Liverpool FC, have unveiled a remarkable tribute to Anfield's fans – the Walk of Fame. 

Honoring Every Fan's Contribution 

Walking down Rockfield Road towards Anfield, you're not just heading for a match – you're walking among legends. The pavement beneath your feet bears the names of 12,848 everyday fans – symbolic of the number of bottles recycled each home match –  serving as a powerful reminder of the collective muscle of Liverpool's dedicated supporters.

Liverpool Football Club: You’ll Never Recycle Alone

A Sustainable Tribute

But the Walk of Fame isn't just a celebration; it's a statement of sustainability. To create the celebratory name-lined street sustainably, Mr Muscle has used reverse graffiti, where recycled plastic stencils have been laid and the surface has been partially cleaned to reveal the names – creating a tribute to thousands of dedicated match goers who have worked together to ensure sustainability is as important on a match day as singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ or grabbing a half time pie.

Fans Leading the Sustainability Charge

The passion for sustainability runs deep among football fans. New research from Mr Muscle has found that 80% of football fans consider sustainability important in their daily lives. And it's not just talk – over half actively contribute to initiatives like recycling, with 20% doing so through their local football clubs. The Walk of Fame is a testament to this commitment. 

A Stadium Transformed

Thanks to the partnership between SC Johnson and Liverpool FC, Anfield has undergone a remarkable transformation. Over the past two seasons, an impressive 6.5 tons of single-use plastic have been recycled, equating to an impressive 12,848 plastic bottles per match day. To celebrate this achievement, Mr Muscle has introduced a limited-time-only LFC Window & Glass cleaning spray, crafted from 50% upcycled plastic from the stadium. 

A Touching Tribute

The unveiling of the Walk of Fame was a momentous occasion, with LFC club ambassador Ian Rush, and current LFC players Curtis Jones, and Diogo Jota and Thiago Alcantara joining in the celebration. For fans like 14-year-old Joseph Fielding, an Anfield area resident, seeing his name alongside his football heroes is a dream come true. It's a touching reminder of the sense of community and responsibility instilled in Liverpool supporters from a young age.

I’m excited to be a part of a great initiative that gives back to the club I’ve supported all my life. I have great memories of attending matches with my Mum and Grandpa, who are here with me today, so to see my name etched into the pavement I’ve walked more times than I can remember on a match day feels surreal. My family have always told me how important it is to pick up after myself at the stadium, and it’s great to see that so many of Liverpool’s fans feel the same way about keeping the club nice and clean for supporters.
Joseph Fielding, Fan of Liverpool FC

Looking Towards the Future 

As Earth Month ends, the Walk of Fame is an inspiration for a greener, more sustainable world. SC Johnson and Liverpool FC have been committed to fostering sustainability, not just within the stadium but also within the wider community. With initiatives like the Walk of Fame, they're paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future for generations of football fans to come.