SC Johnson Point of View on Phthalates

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A For all grants of more than $5,000, we expect an outcome report on results at the end of the project or program year, i.e., successes achieved toward goals, number of people served, funds raised, etc.
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The Glade Fresh Citrus Blossoms collection is the first from a major consumer packaged goods company that discloses 100% of the fragrance ingredients, down to the component level

Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson (1928-2004) transformed SC Johnson into a leading global company with his vision, environmentalism and principles.
Sam Johnson with Carnauba Amphibian Plane

Fisk Johnson

Fisk Johnson (b.1957), the current Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson, champions innovation, transparency and responsibility.
H. Fisk Johnson Advocates for Higher Corporate Standards and Product Transparency

H.F. Johnson, Jr.

H.F. Johnson, Jr. (1899-1978) took the company to new heights with his inspiring commitment to creativity and science.
HF Johnson Jr. at SC Johnson

Samuel Curtis Johnson

Samuel Curtis Johnson (1833-1919) founded our company in 1886 when he purchased a flooring business from Racine Hardware Co.
Entrepeneur Samuel Curtis Johnson selling parquet flooring and Johnson’s Prepared Wax

H.F. Johnson, Sr.

Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. (1868-1928) expanded the company internationally and articulated our most deeply held values.
Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. standing in his white suit
What’s Inside Our Products?
Our ingredient site covers more than 8,700 products and includes fragrance ingredients and skin allergen transparency.
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Herbert F. Johnson, Sr., grew SC Johnson from a Paste Wax maker to a multinational home care leader
Generation 2: Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. 
1868 –
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