Making the Sale by the Seat of His Pants

Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. polished his act and charmed Europe – with inventiveness and humor.
How many leaders will go to such an extent to make a sale?
Research at the Institute focuses on two areas: first, Product Evaluation and Development. This is where our scientists create insecticides (products that kill bugs) like Raid®, Baygon® and All Out® and repellents (products that deter them from landing on or biting people) like OFF!® and Autan®. [link to brand pages or sites]
This team also helps us communicate the effectiveness of our products in advertising, and the important information on the label about how to use our products. It can’t be said often enough: Insecticides and repellents must be used according to label instructions for them to work and to keep you and your family safe while using them.
White Paper
SC Johnson partnered with GlobeScan to ask 30+ global thought leaders for the white paper "Building Trust: Why Transparency Must Be Part of the Equation."
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The Glade Fresh Citrus Blossoms collection is the first from a major consumer packaged goods company that discloses 100% of the fragrance ingredients, down to the component level
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