Sam Johnson's Nature Photography

Sam Johnson’s Photography: Seeing the World Through His Eyes

Beyond being a businessman and an environmentalist, Sam Johnson was an avid adventurer. These are his photos.
In Sam Johnson’s photos, one gets a look at the world through his eyes – a world of wildlife wonders and idyllic nature.
Our fourth-generation company leader, Sam Johnson, was a visionary, an innovator and an environmentalist. What’s less well known is that he was also an avid and accomplished photographer. He loved nature, and he traveled the world capturing images of the wildlife and scenery he encountered. 
In 2005, a collection of 160 of Sam’s photos were gathered in an exhibit called “Through the Eyes of Sam Johnson.” It was displayed in our headquarters hometown of Racine, Wisconsin, and also at SC Johnson operations around the globe. The exhibit was later published in a book of the same name. 
In the introduction to the book, Sam’s wife, Gene Johnson, wrote: “This book is not so much about Sam’s photos as about Sam himself. I noticed the other day that with one exception every photo in this book was taken outdoors. No still life compositions for Sam. The outdoors is where Sam’s heart was.”
Sam Johnson, fourth-generation leader of SC Johnson.
Sam loved nature, and his photographs show the remarkable eye he had for the world around him. Here are just a few of the images from the “Through the Eyes of Sam Johnson” collection.
Samuel C Johnson, Jr.’s photograph of daisies and hawkweed in Lake Owen, Wisconsin.
Daisies and hawkweed. Lake Owen, Wisconsin.
Samuel Curtis Johnson, Jr.’s photography of Noel Kemp Falls in South America
Noel Kemp Falls.  South America.
Sam Johnson’s photography of cut leaf maple in Racine, Wisconsin.
Cut leaf maple.  Racine, Wisconsin. 1989
Photograph of Jangada, Fortaleza, Brazil by Samuel C. Johnson, Jr.
Jangada, Fortaleza, Brazil.
Photography by Sam Johnson: Duck Shooting Club in Long Point, Ontario
Duck Shooting Club. Long Point, Ontario.
No still life compositions for Sam. The outdoors is where Sam’s heart was.
Sam C. Johnson, Jr.’s photograph from Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia
Ficus Tree. Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia. 1994
Samuel Curtis Johnson, Jr.’s photography: Wind Point in Racine, Wisconsin
Wind Point.  Racine, Wisconsin. 1985
Photograph of Squarespot Anthias in Papau, New Guinea by Sam Johnson
Squarespot Anthias. Papua, New Guinea. 1999
Sam Johnson photography showing a Galapagos sea lion.
Galapagos sea lion. 1992
Sam C. Johnson, Jr.’s photograph from Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia
Yaks. Bhutan. 1986
Common loon photograph by Sam Johnson in Lake Owen, Wisconsin
Common Loon.  Lake Owen, Wisconsin.

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