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As a family-led company, we approach decisions as if the consequences will be sitting down with us at the dinner table for years to come. Profit isn’t our only consideration. We’re at work for a better world. 

This We Believe

SC Johnson's company philosophy puts consumers and their families first
Our core beliefs guide us through both good and challenging times, acting as a sounding board and a true north.
The goodwill of people is the only enduring thing in any business. It is the sole substance. The rest is shadow.


SC Johnson Pushes for Transparency in Business
We hold ourselves to a higher standard than just the industry norm. We call it the family standard, and it means being transparent about our products and the choices we make.
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2018/19 Sustainability Report
For more than 25 years, we've led our industry in transparency by publicly reporting SC Johnson's environmental efforts and impact.
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SC Johnson installs wind turbines at Europlant to be more environmentally responsible
We feel responsible for the next generation, not just the next profit report. So, SC Johnson has a long legacy of taking action to protect the environment today and for the future.
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SC Johnson Promotes Ways to Stop Deforestation
Living Our Purpose
1915 –
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SC Johnson employees giving back to the community by volunteering
We seize opportunities to make a difference for families around the world, by supporting health, education, economic development and people in need with our philanthropy and volunteerism.
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The Johnson Family

For more than 130 years, and five generations, the Johnson family has guided our company’s purpose, principles and growth.
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Principles Guide Us

From the ingredient we put in our products to the way we run our plants, we work every day to do what’s right.
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