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Herbert F. Johnson, Sr.

Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. joins the family company business in 1892

Second in Line, but Second to None. Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. was the ultimate salesman – and just what the company needed in its second generation.

The goodwill of people is the only enduring thing in any business. It is the sole substance. The rest is shadow.

Did you know?

1920 British Johnson building

By 1914, Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. had established the first international SC Johnson company in England. He added Australia Johnson to the company map in 1917 – just two years after the purchase of the company’s first truck. 

In 1920, Canada became the company’s third subsidiary, and the tradition continued. Today, SC Johnson sells products in virtually every country in the world.

Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. standing in his white suit

Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. went to great lengths to make a deal. He even dressed in his famous white flannel suit and he offered the busy shopkeeper an irresistible opportunity.

"“This product will not only clean your floor,” he promised, “it’ll polish it so shiny that you could drag me across the floor and not see any dirt on the seat of my pants.”  After being dragged across the floor and with the proof of Herbert’s clean backside, the deal was sealed.

Herbert F. Johnson, Sr., grew SC Johnson from a Paste Wax maker to a multinational home care leader
Generation 2: Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. 
1868 –
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