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Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson of SC Johnson

An innovator, environmentalist and visionary, Sam Johnson led SC Johnson to be a global powerhouse and brand leader

Meet Sam

SC Johnson household brands and products

Sam Johnson Led SC Johnson to Winning Brands, from Raid® Bug Spray to Glade® Air Freshener and Beyond

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Quite simply, you have to have new products - good products - or you die as a company.
Sam Johnson, fourth-generation leader of SC Johnson

Did you know?

Sam Johnson on his Carnaúba expedition to reconnect with his father and Johnson family history
In 1935, H.F. Johnson, Jr. flew 15,000 miles to cultivate carnaúba palms in Brazil. In 1998, his son, Sam Johnson, retraced his adventure.
Sam Johnson removed CFCs from Glade® air freshener line.
In 1975, SC Johnson shocked the chemical industry and set new heights for environmental leadership when SC Johnson became the first company to ban chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) from our aerosol products worldwide.
Sam Johnson with HF Johnson, Sr. spraying Raid

Over the course of four decades, Sam diversified and transformed a $171 million wax business into an $8 billion family of enterprises.

Sam led the team that developed the Glade®, Raid®, Pledge® and OFF!® brand product lines. 

Sam Johnson's Carnauba Amphibian Plane
Generation 4: Sam Johnson
1928 –
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Carnauba: A Son's Memoir

In 1998, fourth generation SC Johnson leader Sam Johnson recreated his father’s 1935 expedition from Racine, Wisconsin, to Fortaleza, Brazil. He expected a great adventure….but it became even more: a deeply personal story about parents and children, love and support. From our family to yours, we’re so pleased to share Carnauba: A Son’s Memoir.