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Fact Sheet: SC Johnson is a Family Company

SC Johnson is a family company that has been led by the Johnson family of Racine, Wisconsin, for more than 130 years. As a family company, SC Johnson is always thinking about the families who use our products today, and the future generations affected by our choices for tomorrow.

Family Leadership for Five Generations

Five generations of the Johnson family have led SC Johnson. Our current Chairman and CEO, Fisk Johnson, is the great-great-grandson of the founder. Fisk joined the company in 1987 and has been Chairman since 2000.
Today, SC Johnson is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of household cleaning products and products for home storage, air care, pest control and shoe care, as well as professional products. 
Families around the globe trust our winning brands, which include Autan®, Baygon®, Glade®, Kiwi®, Method®, Mr Muscle®, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®, OFF!®, Pledge®, Raid®, Scrubbing Bubbles® and Ziploc®.

Learn More About the Five Generations of Johnsons Who Have Led SC Johnson

Samuel Curtis Johnson

Samuel Curtis Johnson (1833-1919) founded our company in 1886 when he purchased a flooring business from Racine Hardware Co.

H.F. Johnson, Sr.

Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. (1868-1928) expanded the company internationally and articulated our most deeply held values.

H.F. Johnson, Jr.

H.F. Johnson, Jr. (1899-1978) took the company to new heights with his inspiring commitment to creativity and science.

Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson (1928-2004) transformed SC Johnson into a leading global company with his vision, environmentalism and principles.

Fisk Johnson

Fisk Johnson (b.1957), the current Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson, champions innovation, transparency and responsibility.

Being a Family Company Means Family Standards

At SC Johnson we hold ourselves to a higher standard than simply corporate benchmarks. Our This We Believe statement of principles lays out the values that guide us.

One of the greatest benefits of being a private family company is that we aren’t beholden to Wall Street. SC Johnson can make the best decisions not just for the next quarterly earnings report, but for the next generation. Our history includes numerous examples, from product innovation, to environmental responsibility, to transparency leadership.

As our Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson has said, we approach decisions as if the consequences will be sitting down with us as the family dinner table for years to come. This means for five generations, we’ve been able to take the high road and to do what’s right, even if no one is watching.