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7 Ways to Have a Sustainable Summer

More time outdoors, longer days, and time with friends and family. That’s what summer is all about, right? 

As a family company, we know how important the summer season is for families to have more time together doing the activities they love. And as a company working towards a more sustainable world, we want to help families have fun, while also protecting people and the planet. 

Here are a few ideas to help make your summer more fun and more sustainable: 

1. Reuse and recycle: Whether you’re packing lunches for a picnic or packing for a trip, use products that can be easily reused or recycled. 

Our Ziploc® brand offers recyclable paper bags, available in North America, helping to provide families an environmentally friendly alternative for their on-the-go food storage needs. The bags are made of recyclable materials and a non-wax formula. In addition, Ziploc® brand containers can also be used multiple times, helping less trash end up in landfills and expending less manufacturing energy.

And remember, many locations, like recycling centers and retail stores, have drop-offs for plastic bag recycling

2. Pick up waste: Even small actions can have great impacts. When you’re at the beach, make it a habit to start cleaning it up! 

We’re trying to do our part on this too. Plastic pollution is one of the most pervasive issues facing our ocean ecosystems and planet today as more than 8 million tons of plastic are estimated to pollute our oceans every year. That’s why we’ve created partnerships with organizations like Plastic Bank to tackle the global plastic waste issue. Together, we’re seeking innovative solutions to help close the loop and build a recycling ecosystem that helps prevent plastic waste from threatening the health of our planet.

3. Get outside: Whether it’s a bike ride, a walk, or a hike, enjoy the outdoors! Many towns and cities also put together outdoor festivals throughout the summer, which can be something fun and unique for the family. 

And on the warmer days, taking a dip in the pool or hopping on a boat can feel extremely refreshing too.  

4. Plant trees or flowers: With more natural sunlight, summer is a great time to expand your garden or plant a tree. Not only does it enhance the landscape, but also provides benefits to the environment. 

For our part, SC Johnson has partnered with Conservation International for more than 15 years to help safeguard forests and preserve natural resources. Through our partnership, we’ve been able to conserve more than 100,000 acres of tropical forests. 

5. Use a reusable water bottle: Hydration is extremely important, and with a reusable water bottle, you can reduce your plastic waste as well. Instead of purchasing single-use plastic water bottles, reusable bottles can help save time and offer cost savings. Many water bottles are even insulated to keep your drinks cooler for longer. 

6. Use less energy: With the longer days, where the temperature allows, you can take advantage of the natural light and summer breeze! 

For nearly 20 years, SC Johnson has worked to add new sources into our renewable energy mix to safeguard the planet, reduce our footprint, and keep costs down. With 10 renewable energy initiatives around the world, we’re employing the use of wind energy, solar, waste palm shells, rice husks and even garbage. 

7. Composting: While composting can be done year-round, it’s often easier in the summer as the sun helps give it a boost, and you can maintain your compost pile along with the garden.   

Composting is also relatively easy! Simply pick a spot, build a pile of waste, and let nature take care of the rest. 

At SC Johnson, our teams work hard each day for a more sustainable world. With a relentless focus on each part of our operation, from sourcing to consumer use and disposal, we strive to help lead to an increasingly lighter footprint on our planet today and for generations to come.