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Fact Sheet: SC Johnson Philanthropy and SCJ Giving, Inc.

At SC Johnson, philanthropy and community support are commitments that go back all the way to the beginnings of our story. This commitment was formalized in 1937, when the company began giving 5 percent of all pretax profits to charities each year. In 1959, our charitable fund SC Johnson Giving, Inc. was incorporated to provide further support to the communities where we work and the world at large.

Areas Of Focus For Philanthropy

SC Johnson’s primary corporate giving focus is on organizations that serve or directly affect communities where we have operations. Our areas of interest include the following.

  • Social: Initiatives that support the prevention and eradication of vector borne diseases; programs that help reduce or eliminate poverty.

  • Education: Programs that ensure quality and inclusive education through literacy initiatives, early childhood intervention, or programs that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

  • Environmental & Sustainability: Programs that reduce or eliminate plastic waste, advance and promote recycling, and improve the environment.

  • U.S. Product Contributions

Recent Examples of Corporate Philanthropy

Donations from SC Johnson and SC Johnson Giving, Inc. have provided millions of dollars to organizations that make the world better for families. A few examples in recent years are: