Fact Sheet: SC Johnson Philanthropy and SCJ Giving, Inc.

For over 80 years: SC Johnson has been giving 5 percent of all pretax profits to charities since 1937. 
SC Johnson corporate philanthropy focuses on community development, social services, health, sustainability and other areas of need.
At SC Johnson, philanthropy and community support are commitments that go back all the way to the beginnings of our story. This commitment was formalized in 1937, when the company began giving 5 percent of all pretax profits to charities each year. In 1959, our charitable fund SC Johnson Giving, Inc. was incorporated to provide further support to the communities where we work and the world at large.

 SC Johnson’s primary corporate giving focus is on organizations that serve or directly affect communities where we have operations. Our areas of interest include the following. 

Community & Economic Development - Programs that improve the quality of life in the areas of economic and community infrastructure, capacity building, economic development, safe neighborhoods, cultural experiences and job training.

Social Services - Programs that provide supportive services for low-income/at-risk individuals or families to help them on the road to self-sufficiency, such as services for families, disabled or elderly citizens, domestic disaster prevention, temporary shelter, and support for those who are disadvantaged or living in poverty.

Health & Well-Being - Programs that help educate about and combat mosquito-borne diseases, or encourage public health and wellness education and equitable access to health care.

Education - Programs that emphasize student academic achievement, with a focus on academic enrichment and advancement, such as early childhood education, K-12, post-secondary, technical and vocational schools.

Sustainability & Environmental Programs - Programs that encourage sustainability through stewardship of community ecosystems, pollution abatement, natural resource conservation, environmental beautification, renewable energy and wildlife preservation.

U.S. Product Contributions

Donations from SC Johnson and SC Johnson Giving, Inc. have provided millions of dollars to organizations that make the world better for families. A few examples in recent years are:

$15 million in financial support and products to help at-risk families combat mosquitoes that could carry Zika virus, primarily in the United States, Caribbean and South America.

$125,000 in an acre-for-acre match campaign that is helping Conservation International and its partners replant approximately 3 million trees in the Amazon region.

$6.5 million to Racine County, our headquarters community, to build a public aquatic center to provide recreation and water safety training for residents.  

$150 million from Fisk Johnson and SC Johnson to Cornell University to support the SC Johnson College of Business – the largest gift ever to the school’s Ithaca campus.

11 million pesos to the Dibujando un Mañana foundation in Mexico to help Mexican girls rise above poverty, homelessness and neglect.

$5 million to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., to support their American Enterprise exhibition and a state-of-the-art conference center.

$3.5 million to Gateway Technical College to support the SC Johnson Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering Technology Center and its STEM programming.

PhilanthropySC Johnson Helps Kids Learn to Swim, Funds Aquatic Center for Hometown Community

HealthSC Johnson to Support Development of 40 New Health Posts in Rural Rwanda

PhilanthropySC Johnson Sends Supplies to Aid Flood Cleanup in Southeast Wisconsin

PhilanthropySC Johnson Donates $7,500 to Helmets to Heal

PhilanthropySC Johnson Sends Cleaning Supplies to Aid Flood Cleanup in Louisiana

PhilanthropySC Johnson Donates 9,000 Units of OFF!® Personal Repellent to the Ecuadorian Red Cross

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